What Makes Mobile Strike a Compelling MMO for iPhone

Schwarzenegger approved. Come on, The Terminator also known as The Governator approved mobile game? Sign me up! Besides the cheesy advertising and marketing campaign, Mobile Strike indeed is a solid MMO game that pits you against many other gamers.

If you’ve played Game of War: Fire Age on your iPhone, then Mobile Strike is very similar. One could even argue that it is a copy of the GoW, with some modern combat skins slapped on it. Not sure if I agree with that but the game mechanics and even the key elements of the game seems to have been replicated on Mobile Strike.

What does set this combat strategy game apart from other competitors is how intense the game can get during the combat moments. After the initial stage of setting up your base and constructing essential buildings is out the way, it is time to produce the units to take to combat. Producing the right units is key because taking the wrong type of combat units is sure to set your troops up for failure.

Acquiring game resources is another obstacle that all players must come to terms with. The resources like gold is the key driver of success and with more gold means easier victory, even for novices. Already the game is rife with Mobile Strike hackers that lets users cheat their way to unlimited gold. What does lack in Mobile Strike is true skills factor because the game is so dependent on resources like gold to success.

In the end, Mobile Strike is few good mobile apps available if you want to experience real time MMO strategy game on your phones. Available for iPhone and Android, Mobile Strike aims to make bigger splash by trying to drive more downloads in the app store with more corny commercials featuring celebrities.

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