Unique Game Modes Found in Monster Strike

You’d be surprised to know that slaving off that one class in school could actually help you out on winning in a game. If you’re not sure which class we’re talking about, it’s actually Physics.

One fact is that this field of science is applied in our day to day life so it’s not really a big surprise that someone would apply it into a game. Enter Monster Strike, a physics mobile game that makes use of a fantasy filled world while maintaining a fun approach to applying physics.

When you look at Monster Strike, you’ll notice how distinctly Japanese the game is. The mobile app game makes use of an art style that’s akin to Dragon Quest. With the fantasy setting and how the storyline unfolds, you’re sure to be immersed in the game once you’ve completed the tutorial stage.

Monster Strike may look like a bubble shooter only that you’re trying to collapse a cluster of bubbles. The goal of this game is clear out all the obstacles by hitting them all with your dragon. By flicking and dragging your monster, the game works much like how billiards does. Despite the billiards-like approach, Monster Strike has a lot of gimmicks in store.

Since this is a unique game mode, it can take a while to understand how to play it. No need to worry, here are some tips to remember when you want to try playing Monster Strike.

Yu’ll have two types of currencies when playing Monster Strike. Orbs are accessible by purchasing them with real money while gold is earned in-game. You can also easily get the orbs using Monster Strike hack tool. Currencies are important since they determine what you can buy in the store. You’ll have a boost on earning some orbs when you’re a new player but eventually you’ll be earning gold from in-game.

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