Scoop on the new World of Warcraft Legion Expansion

Legion, which is World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion as of date, is set to be released on or before September 21 of 2016. Blizzard is generous enough to provide a sneak peek of the said expansion, including changes to its player versus player or PvP format.

Currently, better gear could be bought by using Conquest and Honor points. Blizzard is taking a slightly different turn in this aspect especially for those who have already reached the maximum level. People as such net Honor Points when competing in Arenas and Battlegrounds and these could later on contribute to Honor Level which could go as high as 50. As one progresses in the Honor Level, Honor Talents specific to PvP, Artifact Power, and Gold could be gained. Such talents could only be used while in PvP or combat mode but they also work with regular talents. Upon reaching Honor Level 10, one Honor Talent should be present for each talent row and upon progression through the Honor Levels, more variations are to be unlocked.

Upon reaching Honor Level 50, you may either stay at this level and continue using Honor Talents, return to Honor Level 1, or choose Prestige. Choosing to return to Honor Level 1 would mean starting all over again but this time, better rewards could be earned as well as other special items. Examples of such are a badge, a title, faction pennant, new appearance for your Artifact, and a mount and pet.

With the new system, the gear won’t do much in improving character’s overall strength. Upon entering PvP, gear stats become void and special effects do not function except for some Artifacts and powers related to them. You would feel the gears’ effect through a small modifier based on either the average or total average item level of the highest item equippable in the slots. As the average item increases, stats for PvP also increase by a measly 0.1 percent.

This reduced effect offers a fairer battlefield in a sense that it gives both parties fair chances of winning no matter what gear they use. Meanwhile, this gives developers more control in balancing PvP statistics. But despite these changes, you could still earn new gear in PvP. Competing in Battlegrounds or Arenas could give your character Honor Points and new equipmet. However, the gear you could acquire just are not solely for PvP. Doing so means that you wouldn’t have to use multiple gear sets for PvP as well as PvE or player versus environment.

There are also said to be two new maps in the Arena. The first one is in the fortress of Black Rook Hold and the second one is in the forest of Val’sharah. With a few more months in store for Blizzard, surely, there would be more details to be released regarding the expansion. Better watch out for them!

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