Maxing Out Characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes








Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has been out for over a year now and in 2017, there are more hackers and cheaters than ever. This may be because of how easy the game is to exploit without using dedicated spoofer. Any online shard generate can easily spit out unlimited resources at will.

You can also max out your characters including all abilities by using the iPhone hacks that are designed with no jailbreak or cydia usage in mind. Simply use it without activation code and you can unlock Zeta Vader: one of the most sought after characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

For Luminara and Yoda, you can follow the popular mods tutorial to access these characters in an instant. You do not need to memorize all the strategy in the game to farm Shards. In fact, all you need to know is the proper route to get more crystals which is explained very well since the release of the game. Farming shards is a controversial issue because of how time consuming it can take. Now, hackers can get their hands on a lot of shards and crystals fast. Faster than most human players can do.

This is not fair and has yet to be fixed until yet. So to play Rey as your character, use the unlock features of the tool.

Pokemon GO Calculators

The newest craze to engulf children, teenagers and adults alike has come in the form of Pokemon GO, the brand new augmented reality mobile phone game manufactured by Niantic. For those who have not just really taken to this game, but play it competitively, knowledge of stats are pivitol. For this particular purpose, calculators and Pokemon GO cheats have been released. One such example comes in the form of the Silphroad calculator, released by the Silphroad community.

It is found in the Pokemon GO Individual Values (IV) rater tab. However, it can only be opened with an access code obtained from Reddit. After gaining access, one will then enter their Pokemon’s Combat Power (CP) arcs and Individual Values into the Silphroad calculator and it will in turn indicate if the Pokemon is ready for competitive Gym combats. This calculator is ideal for people who are new to the game and have hard times understanding IVs and CPs.

Another app was recently put on the Google Play store called ‘Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO. This was created mainly for the purpose of the player entering their Pokemon’s current CP and in turn finding out how much potential their Pokemon holds in terms of increasing their CP.