All the things you should know about the AdVenture Capitalist Businesses

Hyper Hippo’s AdVenture Capitalist is a haven for all people who love numbers. Not only does the game entice your money-hungry side, it also caters to people who love crunching numbers. I, for one, got hooked to the game due to the “loading bar” effect, which some of you might have experienced too.

But mostly, what interests the user is the ability to create businesses and investments. This creates a feeling of power for some, especially when you see the numbers that they produce. By using gold bar hacks for Adventure Capitalist in this game will not get you the satisfaction but if that’s your thing, go ahead.

You might have noticed that some investments produce more money than another; or the fact that an oil company is as easy to invest in as a lemonade stand. Well here’s the numbers to prove all your theories.

But first, let’s get some info straight:

Starting Cost –Initial cost of investment

Price Factor (PF) – Is the rate of increase per unit of investment bought

Time – the amount of time for one cycle (in seconds)

Starting profit – Unupgraded profit

Productivity – Profit over time

Here’s the data on each investment on Earth


Investment Starting Cost Price Factor (PF) Time (secs) Starting Profit Productivity
Lemonade Stand n/a 1.07 0.6 1 1.67
Newspaper Delivery 60 1.15 3 60 20
Car Wash 720 1.14 6 540 90
Pizza Delivery 8,640 1.13 12 4320 360
Donut Shop 103,680 1.12 24 51,840 2,160
Shrimp Boat 1,244,160 1.11 96 622,080 6,480
Hockey Team 14,929,920 1.10 384 7,464,960 19,440
Movie Studio 179,159,040 1.09 1536 89,579,520 58,320
Bank 2,149,908,480 1.08 6144 1,074,954,240 174,960
Oil Company 25,798,901,760 1.07 36864 29,668,737,024 804,816


If you take a good look at the numbers, you’ll notice that the Oil Company has the same price growth as a Lemonade Stand, which is the main reason why you are able to buy more of it as compared to the others. As we tested in game, we had around 6300 Oil Companies while we were struggling to get 4400 Newspaper Deliveries. The math there is simple; the higher Price Factor there is, the more expensive the item is to get over time. The Time value is the amount of seconds it needs to complete a “production” which is really irrelevant late game (no more loading barsL) and is easily trackable with the Angel Sacrifice Managers as they show cash per second. Initially, though, it would take you a lot of time to get money off of the last 3 investments as they hold a really long cycle time.

If anything, the most important numbers to see here would be the Price Factor, as they would allow you to further understand which investment you would need to prioritize in order to gain money in a smooth and flowing manner.

While math not be for a lot of people, it really isn’t needed when playing AdVenture Capitalist. All you need is a working fingers and lots and lots of patience to win the game. AdVenture Capitalist is available on iOS, Android, Steam, and if ever you want to try it out.

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