Maxing Out Characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes








Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has been out for over a year now and in 2017, there are more hackers and cheaters than ever. This may be because of how easy the game is to exploit without using dedicated spoofer. Any online shard generate can easily spit out unlimited resources at will.

You can also max out your characters including all abilities by using the iPhone hacks that are designed with no jailbreak or cydia usage in mind. Simply use it without activation code and you can unlock Zeta Vader: one of the most sought after characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

For Luminara and Yoda, you can follow the popular mods tutorial to access these characters in an instant. You do not need to memorize all the strategy in the game to farm Shards. In fact, all you need to know is the proper route to get more crystals which is explained very well since the release of the game. Farming shards is a controversial issue because of how time consuming it can take. Now, hackers can get their hands on a lot of shards and crystals fast. Faster than most human players can do.

This is not fair and has yet to be fixed until yet. So to play Rey as your character, use the unlock features of the tool.

Pokemon GO Calculators

The newest craze to engulf children, teenagers and adults alike has come in the form of Pokemon GO, the brand new augmented reality mobile phone game manufactured by Niantic. For those who have not just really taken to this game, but play it competitively, knowledge of stats are pivitol. For this particular purpose, calculators and Pokemon GO cheats have been released. One such example comes in the form of the Silphroad calculator, released by the Silphroad community.

It is found in the Pokemon GO Individual Values (IV) rater tab. However, it can only be opened with an access code obtained from Reddit. After gaining access, one will then enter their Pokemon’s Combat Power (CP) arcs and Individual Values into the Silphroad calculator and it will in turn indicate if the Pokemon is ready for competitive Gym combats. This calculator is ideal for people who are new to the game and have hard times understanding IVs and CPs.

Another app was recently put on the Google Play store called ‘Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO. This was created mainly for the purpose of the player entering their Pokemon’s current CP and in turn finding out how much potential their Pokemon holds in terms of increasing their CP.

What Makes Mobile Strike a Compelling MMO for iPhone

Schwarzenegger approved. Come on, The Terminator also known as The Governator approved mobile game? Sign me up! Besides the cheesy advertising and marketing campaign, Mobile Strike indeed is a solid MMO game that pits you against many other gamers.

If you’ve played Game of War: Fire Age on your iPhone, then Mobile Strike is very similar. One could even argue that it is a copy of the GoW, with some modern combat skins slapped on it. Not sure if I agree with that but the game mechanics and even the key elements of the game seems to have been replicated on Mobile Strike.

What does set this combat strategy game apart from other competitors is how intense the game can get during the combat moments. After the initial stage of setting up your base and constructing essential buildings is out the way, it is time to produce the units to take to combat. Producing the right units is key because taking the wrong type of combat units is sure to set your troops up for failure.

Acquiring game resources is another obstacle that all players must come to terms with. The resources like gold is the key driver of success and with more gold means easier victory, even for novices. Already the game is rife with Mobile Strike hackers that lets users cheat their way to unlimited gold. What does lack in Mobile Strike is true skills factor because the game is so dependent on resources like gold to success.

In the end, Mobile Strike is few good mobile apps available if you want to experience real time MMO strategy game on your phones. Available for iPhone and Android, Mobile Strike aims to make bigger splash by trying to drive more downloads in the app store with more corny commercials featuring celebrities.

Unique Game Modes Found in Monster Strike

You’d be surprised to know that slaving off that one class in school could actually help you out on winning in a game. If you’re not sure which class we’re talking about, it’s actually Physics.

One fact is that this field of science is applied in our day to day life so it’s not really a big surprise that someone would apply it into a game. Enter Monster Strike, a physics mobile game that makes use of a fantasy filled world while maintaining a fun approach to applying physics.

When you look at Monster Strike, you’ll notice how distinctly Japanese the game is. The mobile app game makes use of an art style that’s akin to Dragon Quest. With the fantasy setting and how the storyline unfolds, you’re sure to be immersed in the game once you’ve completed the tutorial stage.

Monster Strike may look like a bubble shooter only that you’re trying to collapse a cluster of bubbles. The goal of this game is clear out all the obstacles by hitting them all with your dragon. By flicking and dragging your monster, the game works much like how billiards does. Despite the billiards-like approach, Monster Strike has a lot of gimmicks in store.

Since this is a unique game mode, it can take a while to understand how to play it. No need to worry, here are some tips to remember when you want to try playing Monster Strike.

Yu’ll have two types of currencies when playing Monster Strike. Orbs are accessible by purchasing them with real money while gold is earned in-game. You can also easily get the orbs using Monster Strike hack tool. Currencies are important since they determine what you can buy in the store. You’ll have a boost on earning some orbs when you’re a new player but eventually you’ll be earning gold from in-game.

All the things you should know about the AdVenture Capitalist Businesses

Hyper Hippo’s AdVenture Capitalist is a haven for all people who love numbers. Not only does the game entice your money-hungry side, it also caters to people who love crunching numbers. I, for one, got hooked to the game due to the “loading bar” effect, which some of you might have experienced too.

But mostly, what interests the user is the ability to create businesses and investments. This creates a feeling of power for some, especially when you see the numbers that they produce. By using gold bar hacks for Adventure Capitalist in this game will not get you the satisfaction but if that’s your thing, go ahead.

You might have noticed that some investments produce more money than another; or the fact that an oil company is as easy to invest in as a lemonade stand. Well here’s the numbers to prove all your theories.

But first, let’s get some info straight:

Starting Cost –Initial cost of investment

Price Factor (PF) – Is the rate of increase per unit of investment bought

Time – the amount of time for one cycle (in seconds)

Starting profit – Unupgraded profit

Productivity – Profit over time

Here’s the data on each investment on Earth


Investment Starting Cost Price Factor (PF) Time (secs) Starting Profit Productivity
Lemonade Stand n/a 1.07 0.6 1 1.67
Newspaper Delivery 60 1.15 3 60 20
Car Wash 720 1.14 6 540 90
Pizza Delivery 8,640 1.13 12 4320 360
Donut Shop 103,680 1.12 24 51,840 2,160
Shrimp Boat 1,244,160 1.11 96 622,080 6,480
Hockey Team 14,929,920 1.10 384 7,464,960 19,440
Movie Studio 179,159,040 1.09 1536 89,579,520 58,320
Bank 2,149,908,480 1.08 6144 1,074,954,240 174,960
Oil Company 25,798,901,760 1.07 36864 29,668,737,024 804,816


If you take a good look at the numbers, you’ll notice that the Oil Company has the same price growth as a Lemonade Stand, which is the main reason why you are able to buy more of it as compared to the others. As we tested in game, we had around 6300 Oil Companies while we were struggling to get 4400 Newspaper Deliveries. The math there is simple; the higher Price Factor there is, the more expensive the item is to get over time. The Time value is the amount of seconds it needs to complete a “production” which is really irrelevant late game (no more loading barsL) and is easily trackable with the Angel Sacrifice Managers as they show cash per second. Initially, though, it would take you a lot of time to get money off of the last 3 investments as they hold a really long cycle time.

If anything, the most important numbers to see here would be the Price Factor, as they would allow you to further understand which investment you would need to prioritize in order to gain money in a smooth and flowing manner.

While math not be for a lot of people, it really isn’t needed when playing AdVenture Capitalist. All you need is a working fingers and lots and lots of patience to win the game. AdVenture Capitalist is available on iOS, Android, Steam, and if ever you want to try it out.

Primer on How to Win More in Spades Plus

If you just started the game out without reading the instructions, you’re in for a lot of trouble. The difficulty of this new trick-card game from PeakGames is no joke (if you didn’t read the rules like I did).

Hopefully, though, I was able to win my first game with the help of my stock knowledge on Hearts. After that horrible first playthrough, I decided to read the rules to make sure that I don’t make a fool of myself the next time I play.

If you’ve just started the game, here’s our very own “Newbie’s Guide to Spades Plus”

Placing your bid

As soon as you start the game, you’re given a choice of bidding a number of tricks you think you’ll win. This can be a number from 0 to 13, with zero being a NIL bid (We’ll explain in a bit). If you manage to reach your bid count, you get 10 times the amount of your bid as points at the end of the game. Every succeeding point, or much commonly known as overtricks, after your bid will count as one point. Word of caution, if you exceed an overtrick count of 10, you immediately get a -100 point penalty to your end score, so be very careful with overtricks.

Always make sure that the bids you place are strategic and not just some random number. This is to ensure that you don’t get a huge penalty with overtrick exceeds.

Nil bids and Blind Nil

We said on the previous part that you can bid for 0 tricks in a game, so you may wonder “How do I score if anything times 0 is still 0?” That’s a pretty good question, so let’s explain.

A nil bid has a different score system as opposed to numeric bids. If a player wins a NIL bid, they gain a whopping +100 points to their score; if they lose, however, they get a -100 point penalty. This is pretty convenient for veteran players who are sure that they won’t win any tricks in the game as it gives a decent amount of points. Getting the coins you need to cheats your way by using Spades Plus hack tool for coins is tempting but to get better, you need to know how to bid like a pro.

A Blind Nil bid is very similar, only difference is you’ll have to bid without seeing your cards. This is pretty much a double-edged version of the NIL bid as you won’t be able to see if your cards are able to hold up. As this is pretty risky, you get +200 points for a successful Blind Nil and a -200 point penalty if you lose.

Playing the game (in a non-newbie way)

After you’ve successfully placed a bid, you’re pushed directly into the game. Your goal is simple: Get rid of the higher cards ASAP if you bid NIL, and try to win as many tricks as your bid if you bid anything.

Take note that the game only plays with 52 cards (13 cards per player) so make sure that you strategize and observe which cards are already in play.

Scoop on the new World of Warcraft Legion Expansion

Legion, which is World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion as of date, is set to be released on or before September 21 of 2016. Blizzard is generous enough to provide a sneak peek of the said expansion, including changes to its player versus player or PvP format.

Currently, better gear could be bought by using Conquest and Honor points. Blizzard is taking a slightly different turn in this aspect especially for those who have already reached the maximum level. People as such net Honor Points when competing in Arenas and Battlegrounds and these could later on contribute to Honor Level which could go as high as 50. As one progresses in the Honor Level, Honor Talents specific to PvP, Artifact Power, and Gold could be gained. Such talents could only be used while in PvP or combat mode but they also work with regular talents. Upon reaching Honor Level 10, one Honor Talent should be present for each talent row and upon progression through the Honor Levels, more variations are to be unlocked.

Upon reaching Honor Level 50, you may either stay at this level and continue using Honor Talents, return to Honor Level 1, or choose Prestige. Choosing to return to Honor Level 1 would mean starting all over again but this time, better rewards could be earned as well as other special items. Examples of such are a badge, a title, faction pennant, new appearance for your Artifact, and a mount and pet.

With the new system, the gear won’t do much in improving character’s overall strength. Upon entering PvP, gear stats become void and special effects do not function except for some Artifacts and powers related to them. You would feel the gears’ effect through a small modifier based on either the average or total average item level of the highest item equippable in the slots. As the average item increases, stats for PvP also increase by a measly 0.1 percent.

This reduced effect offers a fairer battlefield in a sense that it gives both parties fair chances of winning no matter what gear they use. Meanwhile, this gives developers more control in balancing PvP statistics. But despite these changes, you could still earn new gear in PvP. Competing in Battlegrounds or Arenas could give your character Honor Points and new equipmet. However, the gear you could acquire just are not solely for PvP. Doing so means that you wouldn’t have to use multiple gear sets for PvP as well as PvE or player versus environment.

There are also said to be two new maps in the Arena. The first one is in the fortress of Black Rook Hold and the second one is in the forest of Val’sharah. With a few more months in store for Blizzard, surely, there would be more details to be released regarding the expansion. Better watch out for them!